Sales to CS Handover Playbook Template for MidMarket

Playbook: Mid-Market Sales to Customer Success Handover

Published September 24, 2023

In the dynamic landscape of mid-market businesses, the transition from sales to customer success is a pivotal moment that can define the customer’s journey. To ensure a seamless handover that nurtures customer relationships and fuels business growth, we present a comprehensive playbook template tailored for mid-market enterprises. This playbook empowers sales and customer success teams to automate and optimize the handover process, creating a path to success for both the company and its valued clients.

Free License:
This playbook is a FREE Industry template that can be tweaked or used as-is for your own organization or teams, in perpetuity. This contribution to the community was created after research on the current Industry best practices on the subject. However, this is only a guidance, and needs to be modified as required, to best fit your needs. This template does not provide any assurances or guarantees. It also needs you to modify Roles, Tasks and Durations to those that best fit your specific need.

The template provided for FREE DOWNLOAD covers the following sections:

Kickoff Call Scheduling: Forging a Strong Start

The journey begins with a strong start. The playbook advocates for the Sales Representative (SR) to schedule a kickoff call with the Customer Success Manager (CSM) and relevant stakeholders. This call sets the tone for collaboration and establishes a clear line of communication for a successful handover.

Comprehensive Handover Document: A Blueprint for Success

Success thrives on information. The playbook guides the SR to provide a comprehensive handover document containing customer details, agreements, and implementation requirements. This document becomes the cornerstone for a seamless transition, ensuring that vital information is readily available to the CSM.

Familiarization and Alignment: CSM’s Crucial Step

Alignment breeds success. The playbook emphasizes that the CSM should thoroughly review the handover document, familiarizing themselves with the customer’s needs, goals, and expectations. This alignment ensures that the CSM is well-prepared to meet the customer’s unique requirements.

Introduction Email: A Warm Welcome

Communication sparks relationships. The playbook directs the SR to send an introductory email to the customer, introducing the CSM and their team. This email also serves to explain the CSM’s role as the dedicated point of contact, fostering a sense of connectivity and personalized service.

Initial Onboarding Call: Building the Foundation

Strong foundations yield fruitful outcomes. The playbook suggests that the SR schedules an initial onboarding call with the customer. This call is an opportunity to discuss the onboarding process, establish a timeline, and address any initial expectations or questions the customer may have.

CSM-Led Onboarding Call: Guiding Success

Guidance is key to success. The playbook emphasizes that the CSM should lead the onboarding call, addressing customer inquiries, and providing a comprehensive overview of the onboarding plan. This call sets the stage for a successful journey ahead.

Technical Team Collaboration: Ensuring Smooth Setup

Technical expertise is paramount. The playbook guides the CSM to collaborate with the internal technical team, ensuring a seamless account setup and configuration. This technical alignment sets the stage for a hassle-free customer experience.

Training Sessions: Empowering Stakeholders

Empowerment drives success. The playbook advocates for the CSM to conduct initial training sessions with the customer’s key stakeholders. These sessions focus on product features, functionality, and best practices, ensuring that the customer is well-equipped to make the most of the product.

Training Recap Email: A Path to Retention

Recapitulation reinforces learning. The playbook emphasizes that the CSM should follow up with an email summarizing the training session. This email serves as a reference point, providing additional resources or clarifications if needed, and fostering a sense of ongoing support.

Joint Call for Process Review: Continuous Improvement

Evolution is a constant. The playbook suggests that the SR and CSM should schedule a joint call to review the handover process. This call provides a platform to discuss lessons learned, areas for improvement, and insights that can enhance the handover process.

Feedback Exchange: A Collaborative Journey

Collaboration breeds innovation. The playbook encourages the exchange of feedback and insights between the SR and CSM on the customer’s journey from sales to customer success. This exchange not only enhances the collaboration between teams but also contributes to the customer’s overall experience.13

In conclusion, the handover from sales to customer success in mid-market businesses is a crucial transition point that requires precision and collaboration. Our playbook template empowers sales and customer success teams to navigate this transition seamlessly, ensuring that customer expectations are met and exceeded. By implementing this comprehensive resource, you pave the way for strong customer relationships, growth, and mutual success. Elevate your customer experience, foster alignment, and drive innovation through a well-structured and automated handover process tailored to mid-market businesses.

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