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playbook automation

Say [goodbye] to static documents and [hello] to SmartPlaybooks.

SmartPlaybooks gives teams of any size the ability to automate and drive standardized operational activities at scale.

Use SmartPlaybooks for streamlined customer onboarding, renewals, escalations, delivery, and more.


Prescribed activities lead to better outcomes.


Configure templates to fit your workflow style.


Save time with pre-defined tasks and team guidance.


Achieve more with your existing team.


Consistency + Scale + Results

Effortlessly drive streamlined processes.

create playbook templates

[Create] a template.

A template is a set of tasks and activities you want performed.

Easily create templates for any scenario, mapped to various roles on your team.

Not sure where to begin? We offer a library of Playbooks that follow industry standards.

automate playbook with triggers

[Set] conditions.

Conditions can be diverse and dependent on specific data relevant to each scenario.

Our automation engine lets you set conditions for initiating a Playbook.

Want to automatically trigger your Onboarding processes five days after a contract is signed? No problem!

playbook performance tracking

[Track] execution.

Track your team's progress without the need to search for answers across multiple channels.

Once a Playbook is initiated, users (eg. John Smith) will start receiving notifications for tasks and activities based on their role (eg. Account Manager, Delivery Manager).

Stay informed about progress and delays through platform notifications and alerts - choose your preferred method!

Monitor, and [optimize].

Easily monitor progress, identify bottlenecks, and optimize your Playbooks over time to achieve better results.

Make global changes to your templates or individual changes based on specific account needs.

optimize playbooks
Playbooks for success

Standard processes, faster.

A leader in retail analytics achieved an 18% reduction in onboarding time by implementing Playbooks across multiple roles.

get playbook demo

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