Digital Playbooks FAQ - Your Key to Operational Excellence


A Playbook is like a recipe book for simple & repeatable processes, guiding teams on what to do and in what sequence, for specific situations. After creation they look like a prescribed guide of tasks for multiple roles to collaborate on.

All functions and teams in an organization can use Playbooks effectively. Playbooks offer consistency and scale for differing business situations since they are often pre-designed and pre-approved.

A Template is a Playbook Framework that includes a set of activities/tasks with details on roles, durations, and weightages.

Triggers are rules that define conditions for automated assignments. By setting up a Trigger, teams can plan for automated assignment of Playbooks, ensuring that the right resources and actions are initiated for predefined conditions (including dates).

Users can view their tasks under their Task List (on the platform). Alternately, they can also expand a particular Playbook and access and complete tasks there.

Task Management tools are built for Complex Projects, which need to be created from scratch every time, consume time and need knowledge depth. Playbooks are built for Simple Repeatable Processes, that occur multiple times and are simple to use and track. And can hence get auto allocated basis pre-defined conditions.

Project Management Tools are built to monitor execution of a complex process in great detail. Playbooks are built for Managers, Leaders and Organizations who care for:

  1. Scale – Can Automatically be spawned off for hundreds of teams via appropriate Triggers
  2. Standardization – Leaders can define create specific things to be done in a specific sequence
  3. Knowledge Transfer – New Team members can quickly get inducted into multiple Playbooks
  4. Improvement Feedback Loop – An improvement, introduced to a template, then rolls down to all further deployments of the Playbook


Instantly post registration. Registered users can immediately start creating and assigning Playbooks manually and using existing date-based triggers. If data from third party systems are needed to automate Playbooks, then timeline could vary, and need to be discussed individually.

Absolutely. You can take this for a Free Spin anytime. Just click on “Start A Free Trial” button on the top right to get started.

After signup, a “Getting Started” Playbook will get automatically assigned to you (and visible on your main screen). This will take you through the simple steps to complete your On-Boarding. As part of this process, you will be shown how to add other Users and some Tasks, Templates and Playbooks.

For Packages “Growth” and above, SmartKarrot leverages the power of REST APIs to establish smooth data flow and seamless integration with other systems. This capability allows flexible connectivity with various systems, enabling information exchange and allowing triggers to be created based on the received data.

Pricing & Terms

Yes, FREE Trials are now available through the “Start A Free Trial” button on the top right. If you are interested in a larger Trial with some custom requirements / integrations, please contact us on

Yes. Every tier has a limit on the number of users available. Additional users can be added at a very nominal rate, also specified on the Pricing page.

Of course. Please contact us at any point in your journey should you want to change your subscription.

Yes, we have both Monthly and Annual Pricing available on the Pricing Page.

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A leader in retail analytics achieved an 18% reduction in onboarding time by implementing Playbooks across multiple roles.

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