Playbook: Laptop Allocation

Playbook: Laptop Allocation

Published October 20, 2023

Efficiently allocating laptops to new employees is an integral part of the onboarding process in any organization. It involves a myriad of steps, from gathering employee information to ensuring that all necessary software and security protocols are in place. The Laptop Allocation Playbook Template is a powerful resource that can simplify this process, ensuring a smooth and secure transition for your new team members.

In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the Laptop Allocation Playbook Template, highlighting its key components and sharing expert insights to make this vital process seamless.

Step 1: Get Employee Details

The first step in the laptop allocation process is to collect essential employee details, including their address. This information is crucial, especially if the employee is working remotely. Knowing their location allows you to coordinate the shipment of the laptop effectively. Sharing these details with the IT manager ensures a smooth handover process.

Step 2: Employee Agreement & NDA

Before handing over a company laptop, it’s imperative that the new employee understands and agrees to the organization’s security policies. This step includes obtaining a signed Employee Agreement and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). These documents lay out the dos and don’ts associated with the company laptop, making sure the employee is aware of their responsibilities.

Step 3: IT and Equipment Setup

Efficient IT and equipment setup is crucial for a productive onboarding experience. Coordinating with the IT department to ensure that the new employee’s computer, email, and other necessary software and equipment are set up and ready for their first day is vital. The Laptop Allocation Playbook Template covers various components of this step, including:

  • Installing FreshService Agent (IT/Inventory Management)
  • Installing JumpCloud Agent (Federated Logins)
  • Installing Qualys Agent (Machine Hardening)
  • Installing Antivirus (Machine Hardening)
  • Adding MDM Profile (Access Control for Mobile Devices)

Step 4: Software and Tool Integration

The modern workplace relies on a variety of software tools for different tasks. The Laptop Allocation Playbook Template makes sure that the new employee is seamlessly integrated into the organization’s digital ecosystem. This step includes adding the employee to various platforms such as:

  • G-Suite
  • JumpCloud
  • BaseCamp (Project Management Tool)
  • FreshService (Employee Service Requests Ticketing Portal)
  • Engagedly Team Portal (In-House Talent Management Tool)
  • Jira (Dev Ticket Management Tool)
  • Confluence (Documentation Portal)
  • Figma (for Design Team)

Step 5: Access Management

Ensuring that the new employee has access to the physical workspace is just as crucial as their digital access. The playbook covers this aspect by instructing the team to issue an access card and enroll the employee in biometric access systems. This step ensures that the new team member can seamlessly enter the premises.

Step 6: Remote Employee Considerations

In today’s dynamic work environment, remote employees are becoming increasingly common. The playbook acknowledges this and offers a specific plan for remote laptop allocation. If an employee is remote, the playbook instructs you to ship the laptop to their location, keeping them informed about tracking numbers for transparency.

Step 7: Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer is a critical part of onboarding. To ensure that the new employee is well-versed in the company’s policies and procedures, the playbook suggests adding the employee to KnowBe4. This allows for targeted training on employee handbooks and compliance-related policies. It’s a comprehensive approach to making sure your new team member is well-prepared.

Step 8: Verification and Record

The last step in the Laptop Allocation Playbook Template is to verify that everything is in working order and the policies are understood. This is particularly important for remote employees. A Zoom call can be an effective way to achieve this. It ensures that the new employee can ask any questions they may have and that the organization has a record of acknowledgment.


Efficient laptop allocation is pivotal to a smooth onboarding process for new employees. The Laptop Allocation Playbook Template offers a structured, comprehensive approach that covers all essential aspects of the process. It ensures that employees are equipped with the tools they need to excel in their roles, while also adhering to the organization’s security policies.11

In today’s fast-paced work environment, having a playbook like this can significantly streamline the laptop allocation process, regardless of whether the employee is in the office or working remotely. By following these well-defined steps, you can ensure that your new team members start their journey with your organization on the right foot, feeling secure and well-prepared.

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