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Playbook: SEO Audit

Published September 25, 2023

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, ensuring your website’s visibility and performance is essential for online success. That’s where our SEO Audit Playbook comes into play. Designed for technical experts and highly educated users, this comprehensive playbook provides you with the tools and guidelines needed to conduct a thorough SEO audit. Plus, we’re offering it for free to help you optimize your online presence effectively.

Free License:
This playbook is a FREE Industry template that can be tweaked or used as-is for your own organization or teams, in perpetuity. This contribution to the community was created after research on the current Industry best practices on the subject. However, this is only a guidance and needs to be modified as required, to best fit your needs. This template does not provide any assurances or guarantees. It also needs you to modify Roles, Tasks and Durations to those that best fit your specific needs.

The template provided for FREE DOWNLOAD covers the following sections:

Why SEO Audits Matter

Before we delve into the details of our SEO Audit Playbook, let’s understand why SEO audits are crucial. An SEO audit sets the stage for improving your website’s search engine rankings, ensuring it’s crawlable, fast, user-friendly, and optimized for the right keywords. It’s not just about getting traffic; it’s about getting the right traffic that converts.

Now, let’s explore the key steps outlined in our SEO Audit Playbook:

1. Initiating the Audit

The first step is to initiate the audit process. An automated email to your SEO Associate requesting a complete SEO audit is the starting point. Effective communication within your team is essential to ensure everyone is aligned with the audit goals.

2. Website Crawlability

A search engine’s ability to crawl and index your website is fundamental to its visibility. Check for errors in website crawling, robots.txt files, and sitemap.xml files. Any issues in these areas can hinder search engine bots from properly indexing your site.

3. Website Speed

Website speed is a critical factor for user experience and search engine rankings. Review your website pages using tools like Google Page Speed or GTmetrix. Optimize your site for speed and strive for a high Core Web Vitals score, which impacts your ranking in Google’s search results.

4. Broken Links

Identify broken links using dedicated tools and create a detailed report to fix them promptly. Broken links not only frustrate users but also negatively impact your SEO efforts.

5. Redirections

Review your existing webpage redirections, remove any unnecessary ones, and create new redirects where necessary. Proper redirection management ensures a seamless user experience and maintains the flow of link equity.

6. Layout and Loading Issues

Ensure that your webpages are free from layout and loading issues on different platforms, browsers, operating systems, and devices. A responsive and user-friendly design is crucial for retaining visitors and improving rankings.

7. Keywords

Review the list of pages on your website along with the respective keywords they are optimized for. Perform keyword research to update pages based on the latest findings. Keyword optimization ensures your content aligns with what your target audience is searching for.

8. On-Page Optimization

Check for on-page elements like meta titles, descriptions, alt text, and header tags for every page on your website. Properly optimized on-page elements contribute significantly to your website’s search engine rankings.

9. Image Optimization

Optimize images by updating them to reflect your current product or service offerings. Pay attention to image file names, alt tags, title tags, and file sizes. Optimized images not only enhance user experience but also improve page load times.

10. Content Optimization

Optimize your page content based on updated keywords. Ensure that your content is relevant, engaging, and free from duplicate content issues. High-quality, optimized content is a cornerstone of successful SEO.

11. Analytics

Verify that tracking codes are properly installed on webpages, and data is successfully recorded in analytics tools. Revisit your goals and conversions to ensure your website is effectively measuring performance.

12. Google Analytics and Search Console Data

Analyze web traffic patterns, click-through rates (CTR), and bounce rates using data from Google Analytics and Search Console. Use these insights to plan your optimization efforts and enhance user engagement.

13. Backlinks Audit

Review the backlinks pointing to your website. Identify and disavow toxic links that could harm your SEO efforts. Finalize your backlink acquisition strategy for the next quarter to improve your website’s authority.

14. Reporting

Compile all the audit findings and send a complete report to the manager for review. Transparency and clear reporting ensure that the necessary actions are taken to address any issues discovered during the audit.

In conclusion, conducting regular SEO audits is paramount for maintaining and improving your website’s performance and visibility. Our SEO Audit Playbook is your comprehensive guide to optimizing your online presence effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned SEO professional or just getting started, this playbook equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in the digital landscape.19

Unlock the potential of your website, enhance your online visibility, and drive valuable organic traffic. Download our free SEO Audit Playbook and embark on a journey towards SEO excellence. Your online success awaits!

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