Ultimate Employee Onboarding Playbook for Seamless Integration

Playbook: Employee Onboarding by engagedly

Published September 29, 2023

Template Contribution by Engagedly Inc

In the world of HR, effective employee onboarding is more than just a checklist; it’s the foundation of success for both new hires and organizations. To empower HR teams with a structured approach to onboarding, we’re thrilled to provide a free Employee Onboarding Playbook Template. In this blog post, we’ll explore the intricacies of employee onboarding and how this playbook can be a game-changer for technical and highly educated users who understand the significance of a well-orchestrated onboarding process.

Setting the Stage

Employee onboarding begins well before the first day on the job. The Employee Onboarding Playbook Template helps you lay a strong foundation:

  • Onboarding Ticket: Start by creating an onboarding ticket that details the Date of Joining (DOJ), Reporting Manager (RM), laptop, and required apps.
  • Accommodation Arrangements: For out-of-station candidates, make accommodation arrangements and ensure effective communication.
  • Assigning Workstation: Ensure that each new employee has a designated workstation.
  • Welcome Email: Send a comprehensive welcome email that includes office timings, location map, accommodation details, and more.

Technical Onboarding

Efficiently integrating new employees into the technical aspects of your organization is crucial:4

  • Laptop & Email Access: Configure email access and provide laptops to new hires.
  • Welcome Kit: Offer a welcome kit to make new employees feel valued and appreciated.
  • Access to Tools: Grant access to essential tools such as login credentials, Jumpcloud, Team.Engagedly, Basecamp, Slack (if required), L&D portals, insurance portals, and more.
  • Security Awareness: Ensure new hires are aware of security protocols and practices within your organization.
  • HR Orientation: Conduct HR orientation sessions to familiarize employees with company policies and practices.

Documentation and Compliance

  • Access Cards and ID: Provide access cards, biometric access, or ID cards as required.
  • HRIS Onboarding: Incorporate new hires into the HR Information System (HRIS) seamlessly.
  • Documentation: Complete necessary documentation, including Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), code of conduct agreements, and employee handbook sign-offs.
  • Policy: Communicate the organization’s policy on using tools like Engagedly.
  • Update Candidate Status: Ensure that candidate’s hiring status is accurately reflected.

Induction and Training

  • Background Verification: Conduct thorough background verification checks as part of the onboarding process.
  • Access to Facilities: Grant access to facilities, including snack vending machines and other amenities.
  • Technical Applications: Provide access to technical applications as specified in the onboarding ticket.
  • Training: Offer comprehensive training covering various aspects such as health insurance, Grievance Redressal Policy, Learning Paths, product bootcamps, security awareness, department functions, and more.
  • Buddy Program: Implement a buddy program to facilitate new employees’ integration into the workplace.

Ongoing Support and Evaluation

  • 30-day Check-In: Conduct a 30-day check-in to gauge new employees’ progress and address any concerns.
  • Performance Discussions: Initiate performance discussions to ensure employees are on track with their roles.
  • 90-Day Performance Review: At the 90-day mark, conduct a comprehensive performance review.
  • Performance Discussion: Continue to engage in performance discussions to track growth and development.
  • Confirmation/Extension of Probation: Provide confirmation or extension of probation letters as needed.
  • Goal Setting and IDP: Set individual goals and facilitate the creation of Individual Development Plans (IDPs) using tools like Team.Engagedly.


Employee onboarding is more than just a process; it’s a critical component of your organization’s success. Our free Employee Onboarding Playbook Template equips HR teams with the tools and structure needed to ensure a seamless integration process. By following these comprehensive steps, you’ll not only make new hires feel welcome and supported but also set the stage for their success within your organization. Download our playbook template today and embark on a journey toward effective and impactful employee onboarding.

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